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Life Quotes – Best Quotes About Life

Great Quotes About Life

Life Quotes

Life Quotes

Do not compare yourself to anyone in life like

moon and sun compared to anyone because

it shines only on their own time. “

“There is a convoy of loneliness, one day behind them.”

Life Quotes

Life Quotes

There are two types of people in the world,

those who change themselves according to the world,

and those who change the world according to their own.”

“If you are afraid to do any work, remember that your work is truly bravely.”

Life Quotes

Life Quotes

“Living life is not easy; No one is without great conflict;

Unless the hammer hurt; Stone is not God too. “

“Only the dead fish play the flow of water, the fish that lives in it creates its own path.”

Life Quotes

“You always be so small
Everyone could sit with you,
And you become so big
When you get up, no one should sit. “

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“It is not a big deal of clothing from others, fun is only when your character smells !!”

Life Quotes

“Do hard work so quiet that the success can make noise.”

Life Quotes

“The sensible person is not the one who

gives the answer to the brick by stone,

the wise man is the one who creates

a picture from the throwing ring.”

Life Quotes

“Keep away from your goal,

because today and not more,

people will always remember,

do not just wait, you will never stop.”

“There is no hope from those people who often do the same!”

“It is better to get somebody down from

someone’s feet and follow your feet

and decide to become something.”

Life Quotes In Englidh

Life Quotes In Englidh

“It sounds so good to hear this,

even when someone is busy,

it is not more important than you,

I have anything to do.”

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